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Changes history & notifications

See exact changes on any page or across the whole knowledge base.
Your team will receive emails with changes on pages they have access to:

Knowledge base changes history

Precise access control

Give groups and users granular access to pages and sections they need:

Knowledge base permissions

Everything your team needs

Flexible structure

Create as many pages and nest them as much as you want.

Fast intelligent search

Instantly find what you need, no matter how deeply it's hidden.

Automatic contents

On-page headers are shown in a navigation bar on large screens.

Mobile friendly

Works on any modern device, optimized for performance.

Custom domain

Use your company's subdomain for your knowledge base.

Google Sign-In

Your users can log in with their Google account.

Images & files storage

Add images and attach files (up to 512MB per file) to pages.

Public knowledge bases

You can make your knowledge base or part of it accessible to anyone.

Knowledge import

Easily transfer data from other knowledge bases (only XWiki for now).

Backups & security

We take your data safety extremely seriously.

Simple pricing

Everything is included.
No limited versions.

$10/user/month billed annually

or $12/user/month billed monthly

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