Data import

You can import data to Sova from other knowledge bases.

XWiki import

Use XAR format for export and upload it via Settings -> Import data.
Check XWiki manual on how to export all pages or a specific page/set of pages.

What's imported:

  • Pages
  • Images used on imported pages
  • All attachments except images (unless there's a link to that image)
    XWiki exports all images as attachments and there's no way to tell if the image was attached as a file, or was used as an image. You probably don't want to have all images in file attachments, so we ignore images that are not linked.

Links and images to/from other pages are automatically resolved if these pages are present in the import or were imported previously.

What's not imported:

  • Permissions
  • Page versions
  • Any XWiki specific blocks, macros and etc.


  • XWiki not always follows its own syntax, so some parts may be incorrectly displayed:
    • Headers and table cells with multi-line content not enclosed in a ((( multi-line group )))
    • Tables without headers